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Inspection body type C

accreditation under BDS EN ISO / IEC 17020:2012 from EA BAS

Accreditation for Inspection body type C

Monitor and assess the compliance of:

Electric facilities and equipment up to and over 1000 volts:

  • Resistance of Earthing systems;
  • Resistance of lightning protection systems;
  • Impedance Zs of the loop "phase - protective conductor";
  • Time of cutoff, resistance of protective grounding;
  • Insulation resistance at constant voltage.

Test with increased voltage according to NIEMS-1995:

  • Power cable lines up to 20kV;
  • Complex switchgears (Complete Distribution Stations) up to 12kV;
  • Bus systems up to 12kV;
  • Measuring transformers up to 12kV;
  • Dry reactors up to 12kV;
  • Ports and bushings up to 12kV;
  • Circuit breakers and disconnecting switches up to 12kV;
  • Electric motors up to 10kV;
  • Devices, secondary circuits and systems up to 1000V.

Active resistance at:

  • Transitional resistance of moving and stationary compounds in complete switchgears (Complete Distribution Stations), open switchgears;
  • Coils of transformers and electric motors.

Power transformers - dry and filled with oil / Two-coil and Three-coil / single-phase and three-phase / with and without voltage regulation under load; Low, medium and high voltage:

  • Coefficient of performance;
  • Insulation resistance at constant voltage;
  • Active resistance of coils;
  • Linkage group.

Transformer oil - drilling voltage

Electrical protection means - dielectric gloves, boots and overboots

Illumination under artificial lighting indoors

Air flow and air flow rate in ventilation systems


If you wish, you can send inquiry to the Head of the Authority for control of the company "Start Engineering" JSCo. to get a quote or additional information regarding the performance of monitoring and evaluation - send inquiry from here.

Dear customers, observing the principles of transparency, followed by the body control for your information we publish documents concerning the independence and impartiality of the review body type C in company "Start Engineering" JSCo: