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Manufacturing of electrical panels


“Start Engineering” JSC manufactures and offers the market a broad range of LV electrical panels – type tested distribution gears and MCC, relay electrical panels, type tested distribution gears and MCC, relay electrical panels, automation electrical panels, instrumentation and control, dashboards иСС, and others

Manufacturing of type tested distribution gears and motor control centers – 0,4kV, up to 6300A, with separation shape 2, 3, 4 and ingress protection IP 30-54. “Start Engineering” JSC has established itself on the Bulgarian market as one of the major licensed manufacturers of Type tested distribution gears (Рower control center - PCC) and Motor Control Centers (МСС) mainly with the product range of General Electric – the SEN Plus family. Gears with fully withdrawable modules have been used in industrial installations with uninterruptible production cycle, requiring replacement or repair of the modules to be made without gear shutdown. We are manufacturing gears with partially withdrawable, so called "plug in" in relation to the supplying busbars modules, introduced in uninterruptible production facilities, at locations where time for replacing the modules is allowed to be longer and no “control state” is required for testing the circuits. For production where the technological process allows interruption, we offer gears with fixed modules where replacement of the modules is made only with gear shutdown. We are also manufacturing “intelligent” MCC with control by communication or programmable operator’s panel.

 Старт Инженеринг АД - клон БургасFor the needs of the power industry we offer our developed relay cabinet with 19'' modules with differend size (U), situated on a rotating frame with convenient access to the elements. The cabinet is with a transparent front door and two thick rear doors.

Manufacturing of a broad spectrum of dashboards, control electrical panels, automation electrical panels.

Retrofit of MV gears – manufacturing of new relay sections with control cables and reconstruction of trolleys with replacement of old MV minimum oil circuit breakers with new vacuum circuit breakers. During the recent years “Start Engineering” JSC established itself on the market of medium voltage as a reliable engineering partner of the leading companies manufacturing such equipment. We have accomplished projects for retrofit with equipment from: Siemens, Schneider, ABB

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