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Project management

Старт Инженеринг АД

Project management

“Start Engineering” JSC, performs complete project management for the complex meeting of the parameters set forth in the contract and satisfying the Client’s requirements. This is the process of planning, organization and management of the project – technically and financially.

In the course of planning we aim to define the activities, that will be performed, their sequence in time and their technological relation to the other stages of the project execution. The critical for the project kinds of works and the duration for their completion can be determined at this phase, which would be a subject of special attention and control within the entire process.

We rely on our experience, production resources, own qualified personnel and technical provision, as well as on suppliers and subcontractors, proven themselves in our mutual work during the execution.

For the project management we rely on people with their relevant technical, administrative and financial background, capable of establishing good communication with all participants in the design and of quickly finding solutions to the arisen problems during the execution of the separate tasks.

Completion of the project is effected by the approval and acceptance of the results of the executed kinds of works, the design documentation, warranty and after warranty service and settling the relations on the contract signed with the Employer.

As a company, oriented towards specific project solutions, it is of particular signifficance to gather, store and pile the information and experience from the accomplished projects, as a basis of knowledge for future projects, which gives us a competitive advantage.