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Social Responsabilities


The corporative social accountability is an inseparable part of the work of “Start Engineering” JSC. With its activity, the company contributes for complete development as corporative-responsible company at European level – not only by its sites and engineering projects that it had accomplished, but also by supporting good causes to the benefit of society.

In order to demonstrate its Social accountability, the Management of “Start Engineering” JSC, Sofia, decided to implement and certify a Social Accountability System, according to the requirements of the SA 8000:2008 standard. The system is described in the Manual and Procedures on Social Accountability. These documents are available to the entire personnel and can be obtained for consultation from the Technical assistant and/or workers’ Representative on Social accountability.

The overall strategy for social accountability of "Start Engineering" JSC includes several main directions:

  1. It does not use and will not use child labor, nor it will support using child labor, and under no circumstances can people under 15 years of age be hired;
  2. It will hire young workers, but wherever such young employees are subject to mandatory education laws, they can work only outside the time for school. Under no circumstances the time for school, work and transportation of the young workers will not exceed 10 hours a day in total and in no case the young workers cannot work more than 8 hours a day. The young workers cannot work at night;
  3. It will not expose the young workers to any situations – inside or outside the workplace, that are dangeorus or insecure for their physical or mental health and development;
  4. It will not participate in or maintain the implementation of forced labor or mandatory labor, as described in Convention 29 of the International Labor Organization, nor it will require the personnel to pay “deposits”or to leave their personal IDs as a stake in the company at starting their work
  5. It will provide safe and healthy occupational environment and will undertake effective steps to prevent potential accidents and damages to the workers’ health, resulting from, connected with or happening in the course of work by minimizing the hazards, as far as applicable the causes of the risks, resulting from the workplace environment and having in mind the predominating knowledge about the industry and the specific risks. By applying and maintaining the occupational health and safety requirements it guarantees secure, clean and healthy environment, assessing the risk for new and expectant mothers, resulting from their work, in view of guaranteeing their health and safety;
  6. Neither the company, nor any other subdivision, providing labor in the company, cannot retain any portion of the personnel’s salaries, benefits or documentation, aiming to compel this personnel to continue their work for the company;
  7. The personnel has the right to leave the occupational premises after the end of the standard working day and to feel free to terminate its contractual obligation, provided a reasonable notice is given to the company in advance;
  8. Neither the company, nor any other subdivision, providing labor in the company, will not participate in or support human trafficing;
  9. Each personnel member has the right to establish, to join and to organize trade unions by his/her choice and to collectively bargain with the company in his own name. The company will respect this right and will inform effectively the personnel, that it is free to join any organization by its choice and if it does so, then this will not result in any negative consequences for it, or dismissal from the company. The company will not in any way interfere in the establishment, functioning or management of such labor organizations and collective bargaining;
  10. In situations, where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is limited by law, the company will allow workers to freely choose their own representatives;
  11. The company guarantees, that the workers’ representatives and the personnel, engaged in organizing the workers, are not subjected to discrimination, torture, threatening or dismissal due to the fact, that they are member of a union or are participating in activities of such union, and that these representatives have access to their members at the workplace;
  12. The company will not participate in, or support discrimination when hiring, awarding, providing access to training, discontinuing, or dismissal based on racial, national or social background, caste, birth, religion, disabilities, sex, sexual orientation, family obligations, marital status, membership in organizations, political views, age or any other situations, that could lead to discrimination;
  13. The company will not interfere with exerting human rights with the purpose of monitoring principles and practices, or to meet needs in relation to racial, national or social background, caste, birth, religion, disabilities, sex, sexual orientation, family obligations, marital status, membership in organizations, political views, age or any other situations, that could lead to discrimination;
  14. The company does not allow any behavior, which is threatening, insulting, exploitative or sexual harassment, including gestures, language or physical contact at the workplace and, if applicable, in the buildings and other premises, provided by the company for use by the personnel;
  15. The company will not subject its personnel to tests for pregnancy or virginity at any circumstances;
  16. The company treats each member of the personnel with dignity and respect. The company does not participate in, nor it will tolerate the implementation of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse of the personnel. Rude or inhumane treatment is not allowed.
  17. „START ENGINEERING” JSC, Sofia, observes and will observe the applicable laws and industrial standards for the working hours and official holidays. The usual workweek without the overtime is determined by law and does not exceed 48 working hours.
    The personnel is provided at least with 1 day off after each 6 consecutive workdays. Exceptions to this rule are applied only if both of the following conditions are present:
    a) the national law allows the working time to exceed this limit; and
    b) there is a collective labor contract, freely negotiated, which allows average working time, including sufficient time for break.
    The entire additional working time is voluntary, except for the cases, in which additional working time is necessary, in order to fulfil a short term trade request and the company is part on collective working contract, freely negotiated with workers’ organizations (as set forth above), representing a significant portion of its workforce, the company may request such work in additional working time in compliance with these requirements. Any such request should be in compliance with the legal requirements (labor code) etc., whereas the additional working time should not exceed 12 hours per week;
  18. “START ENGINEERING” JSC, Sofia, respects the right of the personnel for remuneration and guarantees, that the wages, paid for normal work, will always correspond to the minimum standard ones by law or for the branch, and will be sufficient to satisfy the basic needs for the personnel and to provide them with sufficient income.

The company guarantees, that the wages will not be cut with disciplinary purpose. An exception to this rule is made only if both of these conditions are present:
a) cutting the wages with disciplinary purpose is allowed by law; and
b) there is a collective labor contract, freely negotiated.
The company guarantees, that the wages of the personnel and the bonus payments are clearly and correctly specified in written form, and for each payment period. The company guarantees, that the wages and bonus payments are being paid in full compliance with all applicable laws, and that the remuneration is being paid off in cash or in a way, convenient for the workers.
The entire extra working time will be paid off by the rate for additional remuneration, as specified by the national law. Wherever the rate for additional remuneration for the extra working time is not regulated by the law, or by the collective labor contract, the personnel/management may suggest the application of the predominant standards for the branch, whichever is more favorable for the workers’ interests.
The company will not use contracts, which are related only to labor, consecutive short term contracts and/or false traineeship schemes, aiming to avoid fulfilment of its obligations to the personnel according to the applicable laws in connection with the labor legislation and ordinances and these for social insurance.