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About us

 “Start Engineering” JSC - Your partner yesterday, today and tomorrow

“Start Engineering” JSC is a leading engineering company with traditions in the field of the starting-up and adjustment activity, design, installation, implementation of new technologies and the automation of major power, industrial and transportation sites.

Старт Инженеринг АД“Start Engineering” JSC is a company with more than 70 years of history and experience. The company is established in 1990, as a successor of the former “Puskovo-naladachno upravlenie” (Starting-up and adjustment directorate) to the state owned enterprice DSO “MONTAZHI”, while preserving at the same time the gathered experience, professionalism and an expert team of engineers. We have a developed structure, consisting of 10 branches, located in the cities and towns of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Stara Zagora and Veliko Tarnovo, thus covering the main industrial regions in Bulgaria. In Sofia and Burgas, besides the offices and the administrative premises, there are built-up production complexes with modern mechanical equipment for manufacturing of electrical panels, MCC (Motor Control Centers), metal structures, technological facilities and a metalworking center. Behind our back we have numerous successfully accomplished major projects in Bulgaria and abroad, in this number leading infrastructural, industrial and power projects of national importance.

Старт Инженеринг АД - клонова мрежа

Our goals

  • Striving to provide complete and optimal service to each separate client;
  • Work on the projects, that will comply with all requirements for quality, effectiveness and professionalism;
  • Meeting the assigned terms for accomplishment;
  • Social responsibility, care for the environment and supporting the employees’ development.

The tradition

“Start Engineering” JSC is most of all more than 70 years of tradition during the commissioning and starting-up and adjustment activity on almost all industrial sites in the country. One can barely find a unit in the power industry, assembly line in the metallurgy, blast furnace or technological process in the chemistry, where commissioning is not executed by our specialists. It concerns activities of “Start Engineering” JSC related to:

  • the inspection and adjustment of the electrical facilities;
  • the inspection and adjustment of the protection systems;
  • the technological control, signaling and tuning;
  • the testing and checking the effectiveness of the industrial ventilation gears.

Nowadays the conditions necessitate rehabilitation and upgrading the existing technological facilities. “Start Engineering” JSC meets the challenges of today. Already as an engineering organization, the company began to renew its conventional systems for technological measurements and tuning by implementation of computerized industrial information and control systems.

Principles of operation

We are familiar with the realities fairly well. By estimating the capabilities and interests of our clients, we offer a technical solution, that can adequately satisfy their technological requirements, at a reasonable price.
We do not succumb to the temptation for partial solution to the problems, for automatization of only separate parts of units or industrial complexes. We are sure, that only the complete solving of the problems leads to practical results.

In the course of modernization of already existing facilities, we are seeking and are always finding balanced compromise solutions for future development. This gives us an opportunity, taking into account the dynamic development of the program means for control of the industrial processes, to offer a retrofitting of the already constructed system.

We are thoroughly analyzing the results from the observations of the controlled objects’ behavior. Based on this, we are developing our own algorithms, which we enter into the accomplished systems. We are always available to our clients, in order to materialize their new ideas and visions for extension in the system, introduced by us, or to optimize the technological processes.