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Branch Veliko Tarnovo

„Start Engineering” JSC, branch Veliko Tarnovo deals with the execution of еelectrical installation and starting-up and adjustment works.

In the field of electrical installation activities branch Veliko Tarnovo performs installation of power and lighting electrical systems and electrical panels, installation of lighting protection systems and earthing protection systems, construction of cable routes etc. Branch Veliko Tarnovo performs replacement of MV circuit breakers and disconnectors. The activity on replacement includes dismantling, design, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning.

In the field of starting-up and commissioning works, part Electrical, branch Veliko Tarnovo performs control and prophylactic tests of substations and transformer stations, inspection of relay protections, testing of MV and LV cables.

The team of “Start Engineering” JSC branch Veliko Tarnovo makes its best to offer high quality and effective solutions at competitive prices, providing complete cycle of realization of the projects.

Main clients of branch Veliko Tarnovo are leading companies in the region, such as:“Extrapack” Ltd., “Kronospan Bulgaria”, “Oliva” AD, “Svirocell” EAD etc.

“Start Engineering” JSC branch Veliko Tarnovo has the capacity to offer:

  • Research activities;
  • Development of conceptual and final designs;
  • Delivery of equipment and facilities;
  • Structured cabling;
  • Execution of electrical installation works;
  • Construction of lightning protection systems;
  • Construction of earthing systems;
  • Construction of low current systems;
  • Construction of lighting systems;
  • Starting-up and adjustment works;
  • Service maintenance.

ACTIVITIES - Veliko Tarnovo

  • Complete execution of designs on part Electrical
  • Starting-up and adjustment works and control measurements
  • MV and LV electrical installation works;
  • Installation and delivery of equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of electric panels.

Contact - Branch Veliko Tarnovo

5000 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
6 Dimitar Blagoev Str.

Phone: +359 62 652 216

Fax: +359 62 652 216

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dipl.eng. I.Ivanov