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Branch Burgas

Branch Burgars is one of the biggest and fast developing subdivisions of the company. A modern Production and storage base is erected with the branch, in Southern industrial zone in Burgas town, with a total Construction Gross Area over 3000m2. More than 80 people are working in the branch on a permanent work contract, of which 25% are employees with high engineering education, and the rest of them are with a secondary technical education. They all are working in specialized by different fields teams with a general operative control executed by the so called Quality Team including the department managers. The central office with an area of 270m2is situated in the central urban part of Burgas town and the administrative-operative management of the branch, the offering and trade department with related shop for electrical equipment and components sales are concentrated in it. There is an introduced and maintained system for quality control ISO 9001:2008 in the company on all basic trends of its activity.

The teams of branch Burgas are working provided with licences of leading European companies for assembly of type tested power distribution panels and Motor Control Centers and has the following capacities for satisfying the needs of their clients:

  • Electrical workshop for assembly with electrical components of a broad range of completed electric panels;
  • Mechanical workshop with painting section;
  • Design of part Electrical and Production Automation;
  • Trade department and logistics.

  All stages of the activity of branch Burgas of “Start Engineering” JSC, both in the manufacturing and the execution of projects, are taking course by an introduced system for quality control, according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard with application in electrical installation and starting-up and adjustment works; fabrication of electric panels and metal products; sales of electrical equipment and electrical materials.

 Today, we can boldly claim, that we have the required capacity (material and human resources) to execute all kinds of production tasks in the field of the company’s activity.

Клон Бургас - Електро цех

Electrical workshop

The production base in Burgas town has an up-to-date furnished electric workshop with separate working areas for complete production, assembly, adjustment and preparation for expedition of electrical components of a broad range of completed electric panels, including:

  • Type tested panels
  • Relay panels
  • Dashboards, control boards, automation panels
  • Retrofit of MV gears

Mechanical workshop

The workshop is furnished with up-to-date machines with CNC control. Highly qualified specialists work in the shop, divided into departments for Design, Pricing and Manufacturing. The production list of the mechanical shop includes:

  • A broad range of electric panel casings;
  • Cable trays;
  • Handrails;
  • Other metal products.
Клон Бургас-  Механичен цех

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8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
33 Hristo Botev Str.

Phone: +359 56 811 484

Fax: +359 56 811 512

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