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Branch Automation

Branch “Automation” of “Start Engineering”JSC is specialized to execute complete engineering in the field of the industrial automation. Thanks to the many years long experience in this field (more than 50 projects have been executed for the last 15 years in the Power, Metallurgical, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Cellulose-paper industries etc.), as well as to their team, consisting of experienced in this field specialists, the department is able to offer its customers complex services of high quality.

Engineering activities:

  • Research works and preparation of conceptual/technical designs;
  • Detailed design, including Application Software - Development of Final designs in compliance with the Technical assignments, design standards in Bulgaria, regulatory documents (laws, regulations, methodology and other official Bulgarian standardization documents and European Union documents);
  • Selection and delivery of equipment:
    • Control systems (DCS, SCADA) of leading world manufacturers;
    • Programmable logic controllers (PLC);
    • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS);
    • I&C equipment (includes a broad spectrum of devices and systems for analytical measurements), stopping and control valves, actuating mechanisms etc.
    • Other means, specific for the relevant applications.
  • Installation works - Specialized installation of the delivered systems and equipment;
  • Starting-up and introduction works
    • System tests;
    • Testing and checking the equipment in situ;
    • Checking and adjustments of the separate modules and elements of the systems;
    • Complex checking of the functions after commissioning of the systems:
    • Functional tests in normal mode of operation;
    • Functional tests in special and limit modes of operation;
    • Conducting of complex tests and handing over in regular operation;
    • Optimization of the control functions.
  • Training of personnel and preparation of operation’s manual;
  • Warranty period and post warranty period services.

Some more significant projects and activities of branch Automation during the last few years:

Start Engineering JSC - branch Automation
Start Engineering JSC - branch Automation
Start Engineering JSC - branch Automation
Start Engineering JSC - branch Automation
  • КИП и А в ТЕЦ – “Toplofikacia – Pernik”TPP, Lukoil Neftochim Burgas TPP, “Maritza East 1”TPP – AES-3C (as a subcontractor of ALSTOM) etc.;
  • I&C and Automation in HPP – “Toplika“ HPP, “Tufcha 1, 2 and 4” SHPP, Pirin HPP, “Stara Zagora”HPP, “Tuzha” HPP, etc.;
  • I&C and Automation in Waste Waters Treatment Plants (WWTP) – “Kubratovo”WWTP – Sofia, “Ruse”WWTP, “Shumen”WWTP, etc.;
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS):
    • More than 58 successfully introduced systems in 47 different sites/installations in Bulgaria;
    • Activities: Design, Delivery of equipment, Installation, Starting-up and commissioning works, training and service provision;
    • Equipment: Gas-analyzing systems, instrumentation equipment, PLC – from АВВ, Dust and flow measurements - from DURAG.
  • Completed more than 27 different projects (mainly in the cellulose-paper industry and in the power industry) in countries such as Great Britain, France, Finland, The Netherlands, Greece, Turkey etc. as a subcontractor of VALMET Automation (before – METSO) including development of Application Software, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Starting-up and commissioning works.

Long term partnership with leading companies:


  • I&C with АВВ - Contract with АВВ - Germany for selling and service provision (in Bulgaria) of the full volume of instrumentation equipment, fabricated in the factories of ABB in Germany, Italy, England, the USA.
  • Automation Systems - Many years long partnership with АВВ – Bulgaria for delivery of equipment (PLC, DCS) for projects and sites in Bulgaria. Contract with АВВ - Austria for participation in design, development of Application Software, Starting-up and Commissioning Works for sites in third countries.
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) - Contract with ABB - Germany for selling, installation, commissioning, service provision, consultant activity of the gas analyzing systems and equipment fabricated in the factories of ABB in Germany and in the USA.

VALMET Automation:

  • Automation Systems
    Contract with “METSO Automation” – Finland (signed in 2007 and updated in 2016 with VALMET Automation) for participation in design, development of Application Software, Starting-up and Commissioning Works. Successfully completed more than 27 projects mainly in Europe in different branches such as the Power Industry, Cellulose-Paper Industry, etc.
  • Cooperation with the representative office of VALMET Automation in Bulgaria for sites in the country.


Contract with DURAG Group – Germany for selling, installation, commissioning, service provision, consultant activity etc. of:

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) - mainly for measuring of dust and flow of flue gasses;
  • Thermographic video cameras - mainly for applications in TPP, cement industry, refineries etc.
  • Emissions calculators - specialized systems for data processing of emission monitoring;
  • Fuel automation equipment - flame sensors, control units, ignition systems etc.
  • Exhaust gasses incineration systems in refineries, waste treatment plants etc.

Compressor Control Corporation (CCC):

PARTNERSHIP agreement for engineering services – hardware/software/systems and products of CCC (including improvements, upgrading, delivery of spare parts, maintenance, etc.) for the territory of Bulgaria.
Control of turbine machines – delivery and commissioning.


Many years long cooperation with leading companies (SIEMENS, ALSTOM Power, FESTO Bulgaria, YOKOGAWA, EHNATON, V&V IZOMATIK and others for different projects, offers etc.