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Installation of CIS and development of SCADA software

In 2020 a team from Start Engineering JSCo, responsible for the installation of Control and Measurement Systems (CIS), successfully completed a project for delivery, installation and commissioning of accelerometers for Krichim Dam. This project is extremely important, because for the first time in Bulgaria an engineering company performs not only the delivery and installation of instruments, but also the complete development of a software solution for visualization, analysis and alarms in case of an event.

The SE-DATA software is a product of Start Engineering JSCo, specially created for direct communication with the devices on a given site. The program is web-based, allowing quick and easy access from any computer or mobile device with access to the network infrastructure on the site, specially adapted for the needs of the operating teams, translated entirely in Bulgarian, with the ability to monitor both in real time and for analysis of historical data and previous events. “SE-DATA” works directly with the acceleration readings from the instruments in ASCII format, and on the basis of the raw data a graphical analysis is generated, providing data on the three axes for Acceleration (PGA), Speed (PGV), Displacement (PGD), Frequency analysis with fast Fourier transform (FFT), Vector sum (VSUM) and Cumulative absolute velocity (CAV), giving optimal and professional seismological assessment of the degree of each event. The software works in real time, as part of the system there is also a module for SMS notification in case of an event above the set alarm thresholds. The program allows handling a large array of data, with the ability to search and systematize information, generate documents with a report in PDF format, configure filters for data processing, including the ability to connect external accelerometers with different raw formats data. "SE-DATA" can work both locally (On-premise) in a closed and isolated network, and as a Cloud Service, which is accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The software team of Start Engineering JSCo is constantly developing the capabilities of the program, providing options for analysis of events and data from Data loggers, connection according to the MODBUS industrial communication protocol, capabilities for importing and exporting data and much more.

The measuring instruments of the seismic activity monitoring system are manufactured by SYSCOM Switzerland, which is the largest world leader on the market at the moment. Start Engineering JSCo is the official representative of Bartec-Syscom for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe, as the newly built software SE-DATA is designed to work optimally with all accelerometers of the company.

The constructed seismic system of the Krichim dam consists of three accelerometers type MR3000DMS, which are interconnected in a communication network and one GPS antenna for time synchronization. The three accelerometers are mounted on special concrete foundations and are protected with stainless steel boxes and the necessary coating, and a completely new supply and communication route has been built especially for the needs of the system.

Start Engineering JSCo is the official representative of Bartec-Syscom for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe: