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Type tested switchboards


Production of type tested switchboards and Motor Control Centers (MCC) – 0.4 kV, up to 6300 kA, with separation form 2,3,4 and protection class IP 30-54. In the last years Start Engineering JSCo is approved on bulgarian market as one of the biggest licensed producers of Type tested switchboards (Power control center - PCC) and Motor Control Center (MCC) mainly of General Electric – CEN Plus product list. We began with fully withdrawable modules finding application in industrial plants with continious cycle where turning out the switchgear is not recommended during replacement or repairing modules.

We also produce “plug in” modules for feeder busbars. They find application in continuous productions, where time for replacement or repair of the modules is longer and it’s not recommended “control position” for testing the schemes. For productions where the technology cycle is not continuous we offer installations with fixed modules. In this case during the replacement of modules the switchgear is turned off. Start Engineering JSCo also produces “intelligent” MCC with programmable operator panels.