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Installation and erection works

 The installation works in the sites of “START ENGINEERING” JSC are being performed by a separate branch of the company - Branch Installation”. This branch deals with execution of sites of engineering, construction, road, industrial infrastructure, including sites with specialized designation and supervisory facilities.

It has qualified managerial and working personnel, consisting of more than 20 engineers and 100 specialists with great experience, separated in specialized units, comprising the execution of the following kinds of activities:

Старт Инженеринг АД - клон Монтажи Старт Инженеринг АД - клон Монтажи

    Electrical installation activities

  • Construction of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage electrical systems and installations;
  • Electrical furnishing in the field of electric power industry – stations and substations; metro and railway transportation; natural gas compressor stations; waste waters treatment plants; manufacturing enterprices;
  • Installation of I&C and Automation devices and systems’.
  • Mechanical installation activities

  • Installation of process technological equiment and machines in the power, metallurgical, extraction, processing and light industry;
  • Installation of pipelines, pumps and fittings in treatment plants; water supply network; chemical and food processing industry;
  • Installation of metal construction structures;
  • Bridge and gantry cranes and railroads leading to them:
    • Construction and replacement of railroads
    • Installation, dismantling and repair activities of bridge and gantry cranes
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of supervisory facilities.
  • Gas infrastructure:

    • Construction of compressor stations, gas regulating and gas measuring stations and facilities; construction of junction gas pipelines, industrial and building facilities and systems
    • Reconstruction of transfer gas pipelines; execution of gas hazardous activities in cuttings and switchings.
    • Pipelines and pressure vessels:
      • Construction of pipelines of the heat transfer network;
      • Repair and reconstruction of pipelines and steam boilers.

    Quality and certificates

    The management systems for quality according to ISO 9001:2008, for environmental protection ISO 14001:2005 and for occupational health and safety according to OHSAS 18001:2007are introduced in Branch Installation, as part of “Start Engineering” JSC.

    A system for welding quality control according to ISO 3834-2 is integrated especially for the activities of the branch, as well as a full quality system during the manufacturing and installation of metal structures, according to the requirements of EN 1090, class of execution EXC4.

    Branch Installation, as part of “Start Engineering” JSC, has been entered in the register of the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveilance of the persons, performing activities on maintenance, repair and reconstruction of facilities with high hazard level, for executing the activities in the portion of the work on supervisory facilities.

Contact - Branch Montage

1220 Sofia, Bulgaria
44 Iliantsi Blvd.

Phone: +359 2 931 39 60

Fax: +359 2 931 39 60

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Contact person:

dipl.eng V.Kraynev

Contact - Branch Burgas (Metal Processing)

8000 Burgas, Bulgaria
33 Hristo Botev Str.

Phone: +359 898 690 756

Phone: +359 56 811 484

Fax: +359 56 811 512

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Contact person:

Zhana Mileva